How to better promote your YouTube channel!

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Why YouTube? It’s the second most visited website. We can spend up to 6 hours a day watching video content and writing comments. Today, people often watch one video after another, even spending hours spinning videos in front of a phone or computer screen. It’s no coincidence that the popularity of TikTok and Facebook also recommend one video after another. YouTube can also share longer content, providing a high-quality presentation to its visitors.

If you also want your brand’s YouTube channel to be a success, then in addition to good content, it’s worth using other tricks and techniques, because even if your content is good, if no one knows about it. That’s why you need to promote your YouTube channel, and now we’re going to show you how to do it! For example, you can buy views from the company. which sells them, for example, here — buy youtube hours watched, and thus you will be able to raise the channel to the first pages of views.

How to better promote your YouTube channel!

1. Give interesting, eye-catching headlines!

Presentation is paramount in YouTube marketing. If your video looks interesting enough, users will open it if the title or starter image is already attracting attention. This is also one of the reasons why clickbait titles are so common on the platform. This means that content producers give a title that makes the user click on the video so often as to arouse their curiosity.

Then in many cases it turns out that the title has been exaggerated and nothing special happens. For example, if YouTuber looks sad in the initial image, and the title is Goodbye, Goodbye, YouTube!, fans are sure to click on the video right away, fearing that their loved one will stop playing the video. In many cases, there can even be a conflict if the content behind the exaggerated headline doesn’t actually hide any radical changes, as users may feel cheated.

It’s a recent situation with the popular YouTuber whose fans thought he was leaving the platform based on the title, but the video showed that the cameraman and his personal assistant had resigned, but the title suggests – but it’s him leaving, which was extremely deceptive. That’s probably why I didn’t like the video so much.

Using 10 main keywords with how-to guidelines can help you get more clicks because people like such instructions and videos in the form of listings. You’re fine with, like about a test video: Does product x really work? We’ve tried it!

How to better promote your YouTube channel!

2. Appear in the search!

In many cases, YouTube videos also appear in Google search. The best example of this is how to start a search, but of course, the search engine also suggests videos on other topics.

Many don’t even believe how often we ask Google for advice. Before making important decisions or making expensive purchases, we like to follow what is happening on our own, and not just rely on the recommendations of friends or the words of the seller.

In many cases, working with influencers also pays off – many people like to see if an online store is reliable, if the company sells good quality products.

For your video to appear, you need to optimize your content, for example, with keywords and key phrases. Already in the title and description, you can include words that express what the video is about, and those who are interested in this topic can search for it.

To do this, think about what questions your video answers and what terms come to mind in connection with it. If you’re having a hard time brainstorming, online keyword search platforms are also available. Initiated actions can also be important when YouTube recommends your video.

How to better promote your YouTube channel!

3. What does your target audience want?

It’s one thing to see what kind of content you’re willing to create, but if you’re thinking about a corporate YouTube channel, you need to think about what kind of content your target audience, your ideal customers, like. You can also watch your competitors’ video content to see what’s good and what’s worse – it can give you an idea of where you’re going. It’s much easier to encourage users to watch your video if you create content that interests them and they’re happy to click on.

4. Contact your subscribers!

YouTube someone can love, dislike, comment, share – this means that people can express their opinions. The interface also offers an option where you can post a text, question, or vote, and people will respond in the comments or vote with a single click. This is a community tab that you can access if you have at least a thousand followers.

 If there are a lot of comments, it is impossible to answer everything, but some of them are definitely worth it. In addition, the user who uploaded the content may like the comment (in this case, your profile picture will appear below the comment so that users can see what you like) and publish it at the top of the page. This also builds a relationship with your followers. The better your connection, the higher the likelihood that they will watch your videos and even wait for more content to appear.

How to better promote your YouTube channel!

5. Custom Cover Image

In the first paragraph, it was already mentioned that the first impression, the triggering of the click, depends on the title and the initial image. Not only can you create a scene in a YouTube video, but you can also edit the image or collage yourself. You can place one or more images, captions, custom designs, emoticons, patterns for anything.

If your initial images are based on a similar design, people will immediately realize that this is your video. If you really don’t know how to create a unique image, you can also find templates tailored to the right size in many apps where you can fully customize colors and shapes. For example, you can use Canva to edit certain images from your phone or computer.

How to better promote your YouTube channel!
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